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Ontario has a strong foundation of support. Here are ways to help.

Getting Involved

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The Toronto Zoo has several programs that citizens can participate in, ranging from reporting sightings of turtles to protecting nests.

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Ontario Nature is a charitable conservation organization representing over 30,000 members and supporters. Amongst their efforts, they operate a program called Citizen Science where Ontarians can engage in various activities to report sightings of wildlife and engage in conservation. 

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Turtle Guardians is a program dedicated to increasing awareness by educating Ontarians using a 5-tier system, where users progress by learning more about the turtles engaging in conservation efforts.

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There are several wildlife treatment centres across Ontario, if you come across an injured turtle, these places can help!


There are also many resources for learning about the turtles and their habitat. Below are some of the best sources for information and research in Ontario.

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Getting Involved

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