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native species of turtles that live in Ontario are considered species at risk. 

My name is Taras Wylynko, and welcome to my Ontario turtle conservation website. Since 2016, I have built on my lifelong fascination in turtles by documenting and researching the turtles living in Buck Lake, ON, where I cottage every summer in the Frontenac area. 

As it turns out, Ontario has vibrant turtle populations in its freshwater lakes, but it is our responsibility to protect them and preserve their habitat. 


Due to the very long lifespans of the turtles, there are naturally very low populations and each lake. This makes them very vulnerable to negative changes in their environment. Human development, drainage of wetlands or large movements of water, and predation from other animals that live in urban areas, such as raccoons. 

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On this site you can find hundreds of pictures and videos of various species of turtles as well as informational content on conservation and safe practices. On the resources page, website links to some of Ontario's best informed and most impactful turtle conservation organizations can be found. 

With proper knowledge and a little effort, we can protect Ontario's turtles. 

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